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At MODRN Education, we support the academic leaders and institutions responsible for the development and growth of workforce education. By bringing industry and higher education together, we can close the skills gap and supply the workforce with the education it demands.

WE HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO & We invite you to join our cause . . .

64 %

L&D professionals said that reskilling the current workforce to fill skills gaps is a priority now - LinkedIn

$8.5 Tr

By 2030, the talent shortage and skills gap is expected to total a loss of $8.5 trillion GLOBALLY - PWC

58 %

58% (of CEO's interviewed) are prioritizing and providing the reskilling / upskilling of workers - Deloitte

77 %

Workers want to reskill. 77% are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain - DELOITTE

87 %

87% of employers reporting they have trouble finding qualified talent as a result - MONSTER

96 %

Nearly all CEOs (96%) plan to focus on the employee experience for in-demand talent - Deloitte

THE CURRENT DEMANDS OF THE GLOBal WORKFORce are NOT BEING met... & you are the solution

Solving the workforce skills gap cannot be achieved in silos. To build superior workforce education we must combine both the knowledge, practical applications, and systems of industry with the strength and excellence of research, education, and instruction of American higher education. Together, we have the solution. Higher education and industry must work together to create the education that is capable of turning out the professionals needed to drive global advancement. In an ever changing, technologically advancing world, education is lifelong, but not long-lived. Upskilling programs provide cost and time effective education that engage students as employees, and that play a role in leveling the professional playing field for those that have traditionally lacked access to higher education and the skills needed for professional and economic mobility. You are the solution! Work with us and we will show you how.

We are mission driven, and this mission is critical... for higher education, for the workforce, for the industry, and for our world!
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Higher Education

We consult with higher education leaders on what certificates and micro-credentials to build according to in-depth research on regional, national, and international industry data on in-demand jobs and skills, trends over the next decade, regulatory changes of the industry, social and environmental change, competitor analysis, and the best alignment to their brand, academic programs, and students. We take you far behind the scenes of the upskilling market to help you make the right decision from the start.

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We partner with industry associations that have a strong role to play in educating the professionals of their industries today and for the foreseeable future. Professional associations possess keen insights into the skills, job demands, trends, daily operations, and upskilling needs of their industry. Ensuring that the upskilling programs developed are viewed as relevant by the industry and their working professionals is necessary to their success.

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We have industry subject matter experts that have decades of experience in their industry, and they are leading the change and working toward educating the future of the workforce. They consult with higher education institutions to ensure that the curriculum of degree programs and workforce education today is meeting the needs of industry today and guiding the changes needed for tomorrow.

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We partner with the corporate organizations that are driving rapid transformational change in American industry. These are the developers and owners of the technologies that are changing the skills needed to be successful in a twenty-first century workforce. We are embedding their solutions into digital workforce education, creating practical application and knowledge of real workforce solutions.

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Built better, together

We are committed to making a difference, working with universities and industry to address the most pressing concerns across industries today, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, information technology, cannabis, and more. This means focusing on the challenges that require continued education across industries: Leadership, Technology, DEI, and Sustainability.


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